Where does DSW get his timing? Could it be from Mr. Bolerjack's High School Music Class, (dsw: drummer since 4th grade), Mr. Snyder's Public Speaking Course, maybe, conducting the Marching Band as Drum Major for Friday night football games and parades or from 'Hittin'-The-Post' of Top 40 hits on the radio during his college years? He didn't make it into the 'service' when they classified him 4f, (timing), but he wanted to do his part. Soon after, Dave got himself invited to join a USO Show as the youngest member, drumming, singing & dancing on a successful USO Tour of France, Italy and Germany performing for our troops. Could some of his timing come from that fateful afternoon at a Mall 'Grand Opening' in Central California when he sat-in with the Sons of the Pioneers (brushes in hand)? His timing put him on a Center Field Stage one summer evening at Anaheim Stadium as drummer for The Haywoods, opening for The Osmonds ... OR ... Was it those long evenings at Ringo's Sunset Plaza home with Ms. Bach, when Dave actually sat at "The Ed Sullivan Show set of drums" and traded 8's with Mr. Starr? When timing is of the essence he's always been there, even during his tireless 18 years of VO workshop coaching some of today's voice over industry's timeless voices. The timing sure was right in the late 90's when Dave decided to put his Film/TV & Voice Acting on hold for a moment to open Dave & Dave Recording Studios in LA and publish the Newsstand Voice Over Resource Guide and then take it Online aswell, expanding nationally. His first Voice Over CD, "Cyclical" was set for release the "Summer Of '93" ... be that as it may ... When it finally dropped it was hailed as the "BEST CD SINCE FRAMPTON COMES ALIVE!" With new Acting work, On and Off Camera, please enjoy what this 'A/V resume' known as his website has to offer. Please come back every 21 days to hear and see what's new. Thanks for clickin' by!! ... Oh, in the last little bit Dave has been asked to have his voice featured in a few Star Studded Motion Pictures ... the Muppet Movie ... Parkland ... Justin Bieber's Believe ... Yea, it's got to be his timing.  

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